Majora's Mask

No Hit Challenge



The No Hit Challenge is a mod that keeps track of hits the player takes. This is shown on screen so it is easy to see for the player. The goal for the player is to take as few hits as they possibly can while playing through the game.

Any type of game completion can be done and is up to the player to decide. They can beat the game with minimum requirements, try to achieve 100% completion, or anything inbetween.

The amount of hits the player accumulates is saved. This means the player can use Song of Time or an Owl Statue and stop playing then pick up at a later time and the hits count will still be accurate.


In general anything that causes damage to the player will count as a hit. However there some things that will count that may not be as obvious. These are listed below.

  • Attacks that deal 0 Damage (i.e. Dog attacking Deku Link)
  • Getting caught in Deku Palace
  • Getting caught in Pirates' Fortress

The counter will show on screen at all times, except in the case of a few minigames. It is near the top left corner underneath the Health and Magic Meters.

The counter maximum is 9,999 hits. It will not go higher than this even if more hits are taken.


In the Options menu on the File Select screen the Sound options have been replaced and the game will always use the Stereo Option (this cannot be changed). Instead there are Settings. This allows the player to choose from a few options to include specific types of hits if they want them to count.

  • Option 1: None

    Nothing additional will be included. This is the default setting.

  • Option 2: Void

    This option will include void outs that do not cause damage.

  • Option 3: Drown

    This option will include drowning as Deku Link.

  • Option 4: Both

    This option will include both void outs that don't cause damage and drowning as Deku Link.


• In the Deku King's Chamber after learning Sonata of Awakening the player technically gets caught and thrown out of Deku Palace. Since this, in general, is unavoidable it is excluded and will not count as a hit.

• The void near the Lone Peak Shrine (a.k.a. Lens of Truth Cave) is the same as Deku Drowning. If the settings are not set to include Deku Drowning then this void will not add hits to the count.

• When getting lit on fire the game will usually slowly start taking health from the player in small increments. Each time it takes away health will count as a hit. This means being lit on fire can, and most likely will, add multiple hits.


Ready to get started? Select the part for the version you would like to play. The ROM Patcher will open and automatically begin fetching the patch file. Then open the ROM and apply the patch.

Note: You must always use the Nintendo 64 ROM. Even for patching the Wii Virtual Console version.

Nintendo 64
  • Majora's Mask ROM
  • Nintendo 64 NTSC System
  • Expansion Pak
  • Nintendo 64 Flash Cart
  • SD Card
Wii Virtual Console
  • Majora's Mask ROM
  • Any Nintendo Wii Console
  • The Homebrew Channel
  • WAD Installer
  • SD Card